For Families

The family connection is vitally important to the H.E.R.O. Squad. As such, each lesson includes a journal activity capturing feelings that can inform the family of their child’s response to the program. There are also extension activities that are designed to increase their safe-thinking beyond the classroom to their homes and beyond.

We encourage families to learn alongside students by downloading the H.E.R.O. Parent Reference Guide. This guide will help you understand the components of the H.E.R.O. Program so your whole family can implement an effective safety strategy in the event of an emergency. To further this goal, we have prepared a number of accompanying family safety resources you can download below.

“This program worked really well with my kids, especially since the story was written in a way they can comprehend the danger. It’s a fun and easy way to understand a difficult topic. The children work well with the discussions and exercises, especially since they like to be active and are very opinionated… these lessons are very well structured and can be repeated as practice for them. Hopefully, programs like this can be available everywhere!”

Daisy S.

Elementary After-School Instructor

H.E.R.O. Companion Guides for Parents

Additional Family Resources

Parent Prevention Guide

5 Ways To Discuss Violence

Are Your Kids Safe Thinkers? (Ages 4-8)

Are Your Kids Safe Thinkers? (Ages 9-12)

Event Planning Guide

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